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A second part on my journey into the world of Google ID's

In December last year I think I wrote one of my most successful articles yet, on how to trace a possible identity via a Gmail address. But life and work happened, and even though I discovered a lot more things, I never had the time and po...

There aren’t an awful lot of movies or series where open source investigations play a major role, but I did manage to find some. So in case you want to spend some time watching something nice during the holidays, here are my personal recommendations.
After my ‘Week in OSINT #2019–49’ went live, I received questions about Google userID’s, how you can find them and what you can actually do with them. So I decided it was time to write a short article about it.

Update: On May 25, 2020 I posted part II with some more hints and tips.

Using a popular agile project management tool to gather intelligence on companies

Last week I notified a friend, who works at the public broadcasting service in the Netherlands, that their Jira board was exposed to the internet. Shortly after my notification the complete board was pulled offline,...