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OSINT is more than Google not only Facebook not for 'the agency' addictive a passion

Not just Week in #OSINT, there's more to discover!

I haven't had a lot of time to migrate all the old newsletters, but up to week 43 of 2019 is online. Besides that, I've been writing some articles, added loads of links and later this year I will be providing some cheat sheets, tutorials and other helpful content.

I do this all in my spare time, so the cheat sheets and tutorials will not be online any time soon. But there is enough to discover already! And if you do have any ideas, or want to share something useful, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter, or email me on sector035 at pm.me!

People have asked me how they could show their support. You can always share my newsletter of course, and make sure to give credits if you do, but people also asked me how to send donations. In case you want to buy me a Club Mate, then feel free to do so here


More articles on OSINT, tips, techniques and anything related.

Link directory

A searchable repository of links, tagged for your convenience!


Cheat sheets and simple tutorials for specific tasks.

Keep an eye out for new updates and content. And feel free to share things you would like to see in Week in OSINT or want to see in one of the tutorials or cheat sheets!

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