Week in OSINT #2023-39

Last week I had to skip, but I'm back with a short update with a tutorial, some tools and tips!

Once in a while, there are weeks that are so incredibly busy, that I can't make time to write a Week in OSINT. Two weeks ago was such a week. For four days in a row, I left home early and was home late. After taking it easy on Friday, and having a mild food poisoning on Saturday, I really didn't want to spend my whole Sunday to pump out an episode... But I'm back, had some more time, so here is your weekly fix of OSINT news!

  • Tweetdeck Alternative
  • Snapmap RSS Tool
  • BuiltWith
  • Facial Search Resources

Tutorial: Tweetdeck Alternative

Last week I shared the extension to revive the old Tweetdeck. But with the account of the developer being banned on Twitter, it won't surprise me if they make changes soon, and thus breaking Tweetdeck. But Simon Kremer wrote a German tutorial on how to recreate a similar experience. He uses lists to create constant updating content in tabs, and an add-on called 'Tile Tabs WE' to organize the tabs and save the layout. The result is a Tweetdeck-like layout, but is limited to the width of your computer screen.

Recreating Tweetdeck, 3 screens at a time...
Recreating Tweetdeck, 3 screens at a time...

Link: https://tooltime.substack.com/p/tweetdeck-hacken

Tool: Snapmap RSS Tool

X-user F4ftR0ck made a bash script that is able to retrieve Snapchat usernames by pointing the script towards a location. The tool works by retrieving the Snapchat stories via the SnapMap, and then looks for possible usernames in the title and source code of the page it retrieves. D4ftR0ck made an RSS feed out of it, but information is all stores inside the file Monitoring.xml once the script finishes.

Do be aware that Snapchat might not like it when you run this script twice in succession, because my IP got flagged straight after running it twice for this article, and it showed me a 429 Too Many Requests after that. So make sure to use a VPN, and switch endpoints after you run it!

Looking for usernames in Snapchat Stories
Looking for usernames in Snapchat Stories

Link: https://github.com/D4ftR0ck/snaprss

Tool: BuiltWith

There are many handy add-ons or extensions out there, but one I really like is the BuiltWith one. With a single click, you get access to the analytics, connected sites, used techniques, and it offers a link to search for employees over on LinkedIn. You do need to create an account at BuiltWith to use the extension though. The website provides slightly more information, like IP address history and historical relations and tags. But to have this tool one click away when browsing websites, is worth it for me. Also, do check out the official link here, and grab yourself their handy bookmark!

Quickly looking up analytics and relationships
Quickly looking up analytics and relationships

Link: Chrome extension

Link: Firefox add-on

Links: Facial Search Reources

Matt 'OSINT ME' Makowski posted a new article over on his website about facial recognition and reverse searches. He shares 15 links to different websites, that can be used to look for matches of possible fake accounts, reverse search engines, and very specific search engines. Thanks again Matt, for sharing such links with the community!

Link: https://www.osintme.com/...

FUNINT: This Week's Meme

'Nuff said...

Have a good week and have a good search!

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