Week in OSINT #2022-24

This Monday I've found a few interesting links and tutorials, so time for you to study!

This week I've stumbled upon an old site that I forgot the link of, called TravelTime. I also share the awesome OSINT Attack Surface flowcharts of Sinwindie, and I've got some other interesting things. Ready for your short Monday update, with some handy OSINT based tools and information? Here we go:

  • TravelTime
  • OSINT attack Surface
  • Extract Images
  • Maltego - The Pivot
  • Reddit Search Tools
  • Basic Linux Tutorial

Site: TravelTime

Tom Jarvis created a thread where he showed some of his favourite websites within his bookmarks. This is a little treasure trove of helpful sites, and one of the sites I saw was TravelTime. This website calculates the distance travelled from a starting point to a specific type of destination using one of several methods of transport. You can choose between walking, cycling, driving, public transport or a combination of driving and train. Thanks for sharing your awesome list of resources Tom!

Looking for hotels within 30 minutes travel time
Looking for hotels within 30 minutes travel time

Link: Twitter thread

Link: https://app.traveltime.com

Site: OSINT attack Surface

Sinwindie is known for his 'OSINT Attack Surface' diagrams, where he visualizes possible pivot point. He has taken these diagrams and created an interactive version. You can now pivot from one diagram to the other, by clicking on an element that opens a different diagram. Thanks for taking the time to create this, and really helpful to see these diagrams out there.

Pivot points are highlighted by me for clarity
Pivot points are highlighted by me for clarity

link: https://www.osintdojo.com/diagrams/main

Site: Extract Images

Micah Hoffman shared the link to a website that enables you to extract images from any website. With 'Extract Pics' you can simply paste a URL, set the desired options, and it claims to go and retrieve all images using a virtual machine. There are extensions or add-ons for this, but when installation of such tools aren't possible, this is a handy workaround!

Extracting images from TOCP
Extracting images from TOCP

Link: https://extract.pics

Media: Maltego - The Pivot

Carlos Fragoso from Maltego interviewed Micah Hoffman some time ago and in this interview Micah shared his views on OSINT, the tools and techniques, and a bunch more. It's always great to see Micah sharing his vision and personal views on OSINT, so make sure to check out this video!

Link: https://youtu.be/uudhwD9YbSc

Site: Reddit Search Tools

Over on The OSINT Curious Project Discord server it was user OH SHINT! that shared two useful sites. Both sites offer a useful search tool for Reddit. You can choose to search posts or comments, specify date ranges and keywords, and you can limit the results that are returned. Both are using the pushshift.io API, and it seems to be fairly easy to create your own search tool, or fork the 'bmai reddit' tool. With a few lines of extra code it must be possible to create an export function too, which sadly seems to be missing in both these sites.

Searching Reddit

Link: https://camas.unddit.com

Link: https://bmai.dev/reddit/

Tutorial: Basic Linux Tutorial

People starting out within the field of OSINT, sometimes focus on getting a Linux VM running. One reason is the abundance of tools, but also because it's light-weight and runs easy on older hardware. To help people out that haven't worked with Linux before, here is a very useful tutorial by Guru99 that goes over some very important and useful commands, the layout, the workings and even goes as far as scripting and even VI (let those meme wars begin, I'm a VIM user myself)

Link: https://www.guru99.com/unix-linux-tutorial.html

Have a good week and have a good search!

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