Week in OSINT #2022-23

This Monday we investigate phishing kits, Telegram and videos, and we take a look at CCTV systems and CAPTCHAs.

Another very busy weekend, with lots of fun things behind me. This time I had written most of the content well in advanced, so I was actually able to relax a bit instead of hastily finishing this episode. After well over four years, I tend to write most of these in the weekends, usually finishing on a Monday morning. But I'll be focussing on having some weekends off, because taking some time off is actually rather nice I found out But in case you as a reader need to kill some time, then here are some interesting topics you might want to check out:

  • Investigate Phishing Kits
  • CCTV Locations
  • Telegram Investigations
  • Investigate and Find Videos
  • Dark Web CAPTCHAs

Media: Investigate Phishing Kits

I missed this video back in May, but this subject is right up my alley: Doing open source investigations on phishing kits. Alex Slotnick and Haley Copeland from DarkTower show how you can use sites like URLScan and urlquery to find phishing domains and research the information that's inside, or within the DNS records of a domain. An awesome video tutorial on how open source information can be used to track down possible cybercriminals.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsJPX6aHrAQ

Site: CCTV Locations

On the TOCP Discord I saw a message by 'BroquePicker' about CCTV cameras. The website of the Pirate Party provides a map where about 160.000 private cameras, sometimes with open feeds, and other CCTV cameras that are mapped by OpenStreetMap are plotted on a map. Via this website you can easily search within an area of interest for cameras that might be interesting for an investigation. One interesting thing I found was that some cameras have a mapillary key. To view the camera within Mapillary, take that key and browse to the following URL to view that location on Mapillary:


This is especially useful in areas where Google StreetView doesn't have much coverage, for instance in Germany.

Finding cameras on Mapillary
Finding cameras on Mapillary

Link: https://cctv.masspirates.org/

Media: Telegram Investigations

At the end of May SkopeNow had a webinar on Telegram investigations, where Steve Adams talked about different tools and techniques to extract Telegram information. For people that are new to Telegram, this is a nice introduction on several useful techniques to extract user information, chats, but also what search tools are available to find groups or channels. The link provided here gives access to a PDF with all the resources, and on the bottom of that page there's the video of the webinar.

Link: https://mktg.skopenow.com/...

Tutorial: Investigate and Find Videos

Ben Heubl wrote a Medium post on how to search for video material online. He discusses different techniques that helps you find more footage or context about an event. From reverse image searches and Google Lens, to using Chrome extensions to view more information on videos.

The YouTube Booster extension
The YouTube Booster extension

Link: https://link.medium.com/jEORa5ndNqb

Article: Dark Web CAPTCHAs

Madame HTTPS has written a second blog post on her recently launched website, where she takes us on a journey along different CAPTCHAs that can be found on Tor sites. From the different 'chans' to Dread, from markets places to forums, they all use different types, and it's interesting to see the difference between all of them. Keep up the good work, and keep those blog posts coming!

Link: https://www.osintery.com/post/captcha-darkweb

FUNINT: Blindfolded GeoGuessr

Via Robert Baptiste I discovered the TikTok account of georainbolt. Ever wanted to take GeoGuessr to the next level? Well, it seems he did! Unless it's a case of clever editing of course

Taking GeoGuessr to the next level!
Taking GeoGuessr to the next level!

Link: https://www.tiktok.com/@georainbolt/video/7098519823436582187

Have a good week and have a good search!

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