Week in OSINT #2022-22

This Monday I've got another small collection of tips, articles and an upcoming interesting live stream in the field of OSINT.

While diving into some Twitter related stuff, I discovered that in early April 2018 I only had about 250 followers when I started my Week in OSINT. Now, a bit over 4 years later, I have about 24k followers! And even though I'm a lot busier now than back then, I still love creating these little articles. Thanks for connecting, and sharing all those lovely resources with me!

  • Twitter Search Subscriptions
  • Spoonbill
  • OSINT on Oil Rigs
  • OSINT Automation
  • YouTube Shorts

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Tip: Twitter Search Subscriptions

Dylan Roussel shared an upcoming feature on Twitter last week. It seems that they're testing a new option where you're able to turn on notifications on new tweets within a search query. It's unknown yet when it'll be live, and so far it's only visible to Alpha testers of the Twitter app. Let's just hope the testing goes fast, and that soon we're all able to use this feature!

Image by Dylan Roussel
Image by Dylan Roussel

Tip: Spoonbill

I know this is a golden oldie, but since I've never covered it in my newsletter, and was reminded about it, I think it's time to share this one. Spoonbill gives you the ability to track the changes made by a Twitter account. Not all usernames are being tracked, but you can start tracking by connecting a Twitter account and subscribing to changes. To check whether an account is already in their database, simply go to:


Tracking changes over time
Tracking changes over time

Link: https://spoonbill.io/

Article: OSINT on Oil Rigs

Rae Baker loves investigating maritime object, and this time she looked at oil rigs and other related items. In her new blog she covers a bunch of really useful resources that can help investigate anything that might have a connection to the world of oil. From geolocation, to tracking the transport of products like crude oil. Well done, and thanks for sharing this!

Exploring the world of oil online
Exploring the world of oil online

Link: https://link.medium.com/h8G2G3Emzqb

Media: OSINT Automation

On June 23 there will be another live stream by SANS. In this stream Justin Seitz is their guest, and Nico Dekens, Matt Edmondson and John Terbush from SANS will interview him on the automation of OSINT. Can't wait to join this talk, and you should too if you're interested in learning some more technical OSINT!

Join the crew, and start automating
Join the crew, and start automating

Link: https://youtu.be/S5-PKoEBbP8

Tip: YouTube Shorts

This weekend Cyber Detective shared a nifty trick for YouTube shorts. You probably know them by now, the short clips that popup everywhere. They are slightly different from normal videos since they don't start with the standard interface. No way to skip to a specific time frame, no settings, no subtitles. But by changing the URL slightly, it's possible to enable them all. Twitter user Demian even gave an even easier trick. Simply take the URL, and change the word 'shorts' to the letter 'v'. So this:




YouTube will rewrite the URL automatically and load the desired video in a regular player. Thanks for sharing this tip!

Loading YouTube shorts in a regular player
Loading YouTube shorts in a regular player

Have a good week and have a good search!

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