Week in OSINT #2021-44

Another nice update, with a plethora of subjects this week! From privacy to news sites, and from stolen art to Shodan queries!

This week I have a very diverse set of topics, something I always love. The topics range from privacy to stolen art, and I had lots of fun reading articles and watching videos. I'm all up-to-date again, with som lovely content, so now it's time for you to have a look at the following topics:

  • ID-Art Mobile App
  • Craig Silverman Newsletter
  • 360Cities
  • Browser Privacy
  • Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • AllYouCanRead
  • Dark Web Queries for Shodan

Tool: ID-Art Mobile App

Sylvain Hajri tipped me off about a new app from Interpol, that can help identify stolen art works. It offers access to a database, and can be searched by type, name, artist or country. After comparing a photo of the artwork, it's possible to report the object itself. Another feature is tagging other objects or sites, for instance for vandalism. If you are interested in this, have a look at the video about the app, or download it for Android or iOS.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Tip: Craig Silverman Newsletter

Craig Silverman has decided to start his newsletter again. In the first edition there's a lengthy part on Facebook. Then a blog post from osintme, followed by how Amazon is pushing their own products above competitors in their webstore. And the last item is again about Facebook, and how they provide a great platform for scammers. Can't wait to see what the upcoming editions bring, but it's off to a great start already!

Subcribe: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/craigsilverman

Site: 360Cities

Ritu Gill is on a roll and keeps on sharing great links on her Twitter account. This time it's the site '360cities', that has a collection of 360° images and videos. They have some cool features, like the different perspectives, an abundance of curated sets, and even a gigapixel gallery. Talking about gigapixel galleries, don't forget to visit that site too!

Impressive collection of 360° images
Impressive collection of 360° images

360 Cities: https://www.360cities.net/

360 Gigapixel: https://www.360gigapixels.com/

Tip: Browser Privacy

Another link shared by Ritu Gill, this time about browser privacy. Brave does score high, despite the bloated start screen, crypto auto-fill-debacle, and some other topics that hit the news the last couple of years. And with Brave there's the issue of loads of settings, but that can tighten things down really much, making it a truly private option, and it's open source. So, if the standard browsers like Chrome, Safari or Edge aren't an option for you, this overview gives you enough information on other browsers and their handling of your (or your sock's) privacy.

Detailed information on browser's privacy performance
Detailed information on browser's privacy performance

Link: https://privacytests.org/

Tip: Google Mobile Friendly Test

One of the 10-minute tips from TOCP, was about how to view LinkedIn profiles anonymously. And it seems that the Google mobile friendly test has been revamped a bit. To view the screenshot, or the HTML code, you first have to click on the view tested page, under the friendliness verdict. And it also has some more technical information, including the response headers sent by the server.

Friendly test, friendly Wookies
Friendly test, friendly Wookies

Link: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly

Site: AllYouCanRead

Nico 'Dutch OSINT Guy' Dekens has shared a really cool site the other day, called 'AllYouCanRead.com'. It has a large collection of newspapers, magazines, and links to other sites like classifieds, jobs, social networks and more. If you need to find some kind of resource in a foreign country, this is absolutely the place to be. Thanks for this awesome site!

Diving into Mexican classifieds
Diving into Mexican classifieds

Link: https://www.allyoucanread.com/

Media: Dark Web Queries for Shodan

Sinwindie uploaded a new video with some basic techniques on how to de-anonymize Tor servers with Shodan. He shows how to search for onion links, using the favicon to find servers, and how request and respond headers from the server can help identify a possible match. These are some basic techniques, that can provide results if the owner of a Tor site hasn't configured their server correctly, so you can find the real IP address.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOblaXyY2U0

Have a good week and have a good search!

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