Week in OSINT #2021-26

This week has quite some content that comes from what I've used myself this week, what I discovered, or what has been shared in private channels.

Usually this newsletter contains a lot of links, articles or tutorials that were shared with the community in the week before. This time a lot of the links were actually used by myself or shared in private channels:

  • Online Keyboards
  • Archived Google Plus Pages
  • TweettIOC
  • Oalley
  • Bulk URL Opener
  • Mountain Profiling with PeakVisor

Tip: Online Keyboards

Sometimes you find yourself staring at some kind of text in an image, and OCR doesn't pick it up because it doesn't recognize the script, or the quality is not good enough. No worries, because with the website of "Lexilogos Multilangual Keyboard" you can reproduce the text in your browser via online keyboards for dozens and dozens of languages. And a pro-tip: Directly underneath the keyboard there are instructions on how to directly write characters using your own keyboard.

Using the on-screen keyboard at Lexilogos
Using the on-screen keyboard at Lexilogos

Link: https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard

Tip: Archived Google Plus Pages

It's been closed since April 2019, but when Google announced it would close off it Google+ platform, ArchiveTeam sprung into action. Within four weeks a total of 1.56PB of data was archived, and was their biggest achievement ever at the time. In my blog posts about what you can do with a Google GaiaID (see part 1 and part 2), which are now largely obsolete, you now can take that one step further and head over to the Internet Archive. To find the pages you're looking for, just search for:


Sometimes a page appears to be empty, but make sure to open the developer toolbar or dive into the source code. Because thumbnails of images might still be available for you to use.

Viewing Google+ pages archived on the Internet Archive
Viewing Google+ pages archived on the Internet Archive

Site: TweettIOC

Last week I stumbled upon Katom's dashboard, and where most of my topics are usually about OSINT within the area of social media, this one is something completely different: Threat intelligence. It indexes all kinds of tweets with IOC's (indicators of compromise), and groups them accordingly: Hashes, email addresses, IP addresses, domains and URL's, CVE's and hashtags. One dashboard to rule them all, when it comes to threat intel via Twitter!

List of tweets on malware
List of tweets on malware

Link: http://tweettioc.com

Site: Oalley

Oalley offers services and apps for logistics, but this can easily be used for OSINT too. With the Oalley map you can set one or more starting points via a right click on the map, after which you can project a radius, by giving information on the sort of transportation and the maximum driving time. When using multiple starting points, it will show the areas where both radiuses overlap. Thanks for this awesome tip Roachsec!

Mapping out driving times
Mapping out driving times

Link: https://www.oalley.net/app

Tool: Bulk URL Opener

I found this extension last week, when I had a lot of URL's to check, which were dumped earlier that week by Whatsmyname. I wanted to open all of them while running Hunchly, so off I went and found a few extensions that do exactly that: Open a bunch of URL's in their own tab. After opening the Bulk URL Opener, it presents you with a list of currently open tabs. Besides that, you can also save lists of URL's for future use.

Opening multiple URL's with a single click
Opening multiple URL's with a single click

Note: From now on, I'll be linking to the security reports created by CRXcavator. To see the report, just click on the little shield after the link.

Link: Chrome extension -

Link: Firefox add-on -

Article: Mountain Profiling with PeakVisor

Last week I mentioned PeakVisor, and linked to a Twitter thread by Benjamin Strick. After that he decided to write an article on it and revisited a case in Yemen, to show what extra information PeakVisor can give you. Another really nice article by Ben, that gives a good insight into his investigating techniques.

PeakVisor used for geolocation and verification
PeakVisor used for geolocation and verification

Link: https://benjaminstrick.com/geolocation-ethiopia-case-on-mountain-profiling-with-peakvisor/

Have a good week and have a good search!

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