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Hello and welcome to the first episode of October. Today I have some IoT, DNS, SOCMINT and other abbreviations for you.

Another week with a slightly shorter episode, because I've tried to have some more 'me' time during the evenings. But there are still some nice things to cover, like an awesome r...

Sometimes things don't go as planned, like a new blog post I was writing last year, but the post got scrapped. I found something that I didn't expect and ethics won in that case, since I think it was the right thing to do.

It was May 15, 2019 and I was writing the blog post cURL for the OSINT Cur...

This story is about the time I found a flaw in a ticket site some time ago, but since I was extremely busy in 2018 I never got around to write it down. But I finally took the time to share a little story of how a badly configured website can be used to break into a house.