Week in OSINT #2024-07

This week I have a very short update again, but I am very pleased with the little tips that I found for you!

As stated in episode 2024-04, I am very busy lately, so I don't always have time to write a full length episode. But I did find a little bit of time to share some interesting things that I read last week!

  • Browser Privacy
  • Tips on Websites
  • Bell¿ngcat Tech Series
  • OSINT on Bluesky

Tip: Browser Privacy

Manuel Bot [ ] has created a thread over on X about browsers, and their privacy 'rating'. He created a list of browsers, and ranked them after going over several sites. When looking at privacytests.org, and taking note of topics like 'Fingerprint resistance test', or 'tracking query parameters', Firefox seems to be doing a lot worse than Brave, Mulvad or the Tor browser, so in my opinion it should not be on top on that website. But I do have to say that Firefox is also my personal preference. Looking at Brave though, in the past there has been some issues with injecting their affiliate links in the past, and more recently they allegedly sold copyrighted data to train AI. Talking about selling data for AI training, Reddit might have done that too!

Manuel Bot talking anout browser privacy
Manuel Bot talking anout browser privacy

Thread on X: https://twitter.com/ManuelBot59/...

Tips: Tips on Websites

OSINT Combine [ ] shared two tips last week, that I have been using for several years myself. These two tips can give you that little bit of extra information on a website. First there is the option of finding historical analytics IDs:

Finding analytics in archived pages
Finding analytics in archived pages

And second, the website Whoxy can be used to find domain names that were registered by the same email address:

Whoxy, for free Whois related searches
Whoxy, for free Whois related searches

Media: Bell¿ngcat Tech Series

Bell¿ngcat [ ] started a new video series on YouTube: Tech Series. The first video looks really promising already, and talks about the command line. This video is aimed at people that don't know what it is, and goes over all the basics. If you are scared of the command line, I highly recommend you to check it out!

Command Line Fundamentals

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?...

Tip: OSINT on Bluesky

Natalia Antonova [ ] has apparently seen quite some posts on Bluesky about open source information/intelligence. And some of those posts seem to hit a wrong note with people. No matter what the context is, Natalia has a good point in her post over on Bluesky:

Natalia on OSINT and ethics
Natalia on OSINT and ethics

Her quote:

Like any powerful tool, OSINT tools can be dangerous.

I would take that quote further and say:

Any tool, skill or information that you have can be used for good, or evil. Please stay ethical, and use it to make it a better world!

FUNINT: This Week's Meme

Been there, done that...

Have a good week and have a good search!

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