Week in OSINT #2022-46

Some more on Mastodon, loads of lovely links, diving into domain names and discovering Discord!

In the recent weeks I have seen a major shift towards Mastodon in regard to people that I follow. THe big problem is, that a lot of Mastodon servers have not been ready for the huge growth of users. So Twitter is showing hiccups at times, Mastodon throws timeouts, and it won't surprise me there's hardly any time to share my Week in OSINT soon!

So let me start off by sharing two major important links, to make sure that you will stay up-to-date with my latest news, namely my syndication links:

RSS: https://sector035.nl/articles.rss

Atom: https://sector035.nl/articles.atom

And now that I've got that covered, it is time to have a look at this week's overview:

  • Imagstodon
  • Connecting Domain Names
  • Mee6 Discord Info
  • Discord Servers

Site: Imagstodon

Last week I shared the tool Masto, from OSINT_Tactical, that already received a nice update. But this weekend The SEINT shared his tool to check for a username on Mastodon. This webbased service checks dozens of public instances, and will return any profile that matches the search criteria. Another new tool to find users on Mastodon, I wonder what is next in regard to OSINT on this platform.

Finding myself out there!
Finding myself out there!

Link: https://seintpl.github.io/imagstodon/

Links: SMART OSINT Links

Micah Hoffman has done it again! He came up with a way to scrape all kinds of Start.me pages, and dump everything they contain in a database. Not only that, but when his crawler found a link to another Start.me, that was crawled too! After some time he ended up with a collection of close to 85,000 links in total! So, are you trying to find that one link that you need? Go over to his SMART page, and simply search!

Make sure to read his blog post for extra context, and please don't just click on any link you see! Make sure it is safe to click first.

Finding link... The SMART way!
Finding link... The SMART way!

Link: https://smart.myosint.training/

Tip: Connecting Domain Names

When checking out a domain on the internet, make sure to not only check this single domain name, but also other ones that might have the same owner or admin. One way to try and find other websites, is by going over the analytics. From June 2023 on Google will start using their new analytics system called Google Tag Manager, but not all reverse analytics sites are ready for that. One that is ready though, is BuiltWith. But it doesn't simple search for analytics, it actually indexes a lot more! Anything from an Amazon APS-tag, AppNexus, OpenX tag, AdSense, Rubicon tag, IndexExchange or any other analytics or ad platform that is well known. Simply grab that tag you see in the source code, and add it to the end of this URL:


Going over the news!

I do need to add a warning here. I have actually seen in the past that people came to false conclusions, simply because an IP address or analytics code was shared. Remember that on a shared hosting platform, IP address are always shared with multiple websites. And when someone copies the layout of a website, the analytics code can be copied too. So do verify that it is genuinely connected before writing lengthy blog posts, and incriminate someone who's innocent.

Site: Mee6 Discord Info

Mee6 is the most popular bot for Discord, that is used to make announcements, assigning roles, moderation and other sorts of automated tasks. But little did I know that they also have a public website, on which it is possible to view who is a member of a Discord server running this bot. This tip came from 'Forthe' over on the TOCP Discord server, and it is the perfect way to check a possible membership without ever having to enter a Discord server yourself! To see the ranking list of members, simply change the Discord server ID in this URL:


Checking out other OSINT related servers
Checking out other OSINT related servers

Link: https://mee6.xyz

Links: Discord Servers

Over the years multiple sites to find Discord servers have popped up, and this one is simply another to add to your list. On Discord.me they have the most popular servers in each category, but they also have a search option to look for specific words or topics. After searching, you'll be greeted with some unrelated 'Premium' servers (read: paid placement), followed by a list of servers that match this subject. With thousands of Discord servers in their database, this is another nice site to check if you are looking for something specific.

Looking for cryptocurrency servers
Looking for cryptocurrency servers

Link: https://discord.me

Have a good week and have a good search!

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