Week in OSINT #2022-35

This week only a short episode, but with some interesting topics! Like Gmail's GAIA, geolocation tips and loads of links and tips!

This weekend I've been rather busy, and chose to spend some more time for myself than on this episode. But I still managed to gather some interesting topics, and I'm especially excited about the first article! Despite the fact it comes with some dangers, it's interesting to see that the holy grail of GAIA based investigations is found:

  • From GAIA to Gmail
  • Landmark Identification
  • Collection of Collections
  • OpSec and OSINT

Tutorial: From GAIA to Gmail

Some time ago I received a message from Bob Engelen, with a tip on how to resolve an email address connected to a Google account, when you only have the GAIA ID. I've written two guides over the years (here and here) on how you can leverage the information within Google accounts to find more information. Since late 2020 Google has started removing a lot of information regarding this, so it isn't as useful as it used to be. But one thing was left to be discovered: How can you find the email address when you only have a GAIA iD? Well... Go over to LinkedIn, and read Bob's article on how to do just that!

Be careful, because you will have to send an actual message to the other party involved.

And since you can't copy-paste from the article on LinkedIn, the actual URL you need to use is as follows:

https://hangouts.google.com/?action=chat&pi={GAIA ID}

Resolving an email address from a GAIA ID
Resolving an email address from a GAIA ID

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/...

Sites: Landmark Identification

OH SHINT! sent out a tweet with some very useful websites, that can help you with a geolocation task. Geohints offers a visual database of lots of landmarks and their respective geographic locations. The landmark recognition tool over at Toolpie uses image recognition to find where a landmark might be located. And the German site Brueckenweb has a database of bridges from all over the world, and offers a search function on parts of the name, construction type, year of construction and lots more.

Looking at traffic lights in Europe on Geohints
Looking at traffic lights in Europe on Geohints

Link: https://geohints.com

Link: https://landmark.toolpie.com

Link: https://www.brueckenweb.de/...

Links: Collection of Collections

Twitter user OSINT Tactical expanded a list of Start.me pages that were collected by OSINT_Research. And besides expanding it, he also created a new Start.me page that is a collection of OSINT link collections. Besides that, he also created a backup over on GitHub, where you can find more than 130 link collections, filled with thousands of links to any subject imaginable. Thank you for collecting all these links and sharing it with the community!

GitHUb: https://github.com/C3n7ral051nt4g3ncy/...

Start.me: https://start.me/p/Pwy0X4/osint-inception

Article: OpSec and OSINT

Matt Makowski has written an article on operational security. But he did it in an interesting way, because he does not only show you what is important to keep hidden yourself, but he also shows what information could be gathered if someone you are investigating wasn't privacy minded. Via a collection of diagrams and examples he gives you pointers on what to look for when you are investigating someone, and at the same time he gives tips on how to stay secure yourself. Another great article from Matt!

Pivot points and possible privacy concerns
Pivot points and possible privacy concerns

Link: https://www.osintme.com/...

Have a good week and have a good search!

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