Week in OSINT #2022-33

This week was a bit of a rusty start, and I need to get back into the flow I guess. But I did find some interesting topics again!

Every year, after taking a break from writing these episodes, I always need some time to get back into the rhythm. And with a very busy weekend, lots of side-projects and a private live, I almost forgot about this! But thankfully there is more than enough to cover, one just has to look around. And the internet hasn't disappointed! Because let's have a look at this week's overview:

  • SQL for GIS Users
  • OSINT, Git and Python
  • Twitter Bot
  • CyberChef
  • Mapping Data Points

Tutorial: SQL for GIS Users

Helen McKenzie is a senior geospatial consultant, and has a blog that is filled with GIS goodness! It's a bit of a shame I don't have the time to go over each and every article on here, but her most recent article is about how to connect to an SQL database from within your favourite GIS program. If you are already working with GIS, like QGIS or ArcGIS, you might want to have a look at this article.

Link: https://www.helenmakesmaps.com/...

Media: OSINT, Git and Python

Last week Micah Hoffman hosted a webcast about Python and GitHub, where he explained how to use it. Many people that are fairly new to Python and GitHub, are wondering what all this is about. GitHub is an online library of freely shared software, and a lot of OSINT based projects can be found there. And even though you don't have to learn how to code, knowing how to install something from GitHub, could help you propel some investigations forward, if you are able to install the right tools.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeY0v7zsHMs

Tip: Twitter Bot

In July this year a new account popped up on Twitter, called 'IntelSky BOT'. It automatically tweets the location of military aircraft of any nationality. Not only does it tweet the aircraft's current location, but also shares links to three different ADS-B sites. And it is of course possible to have accounts on several aircraft tracking websites yourself. But with a bot like this, you might spot something out of the ordinary, and maybe you have yourself a new story to cover.

Link: https://twitter.com/IntelskyB

Tool: CyberChef

Cyber Detective shared a new tool this weekend, a command line version of CyberChef! For people who grew up with terminals, know what 80x24 means, or are keyboard warriors like me, this is an awesome tool to try out. Thank you securisec for building this!

Link: https://github.com/securisec/chepy

Tutorial: Mapping Data Points

Benjamin Strick posted a new video on YouTube earlier this month, where he talks about how to scrape data from the internet, convert it for your use, and create a new map. For this, he uses the HTML import function of Google Sheets, which can seriously speed up your work progress! Another great tutorial from Ben, and I do recommend you to follow his YouTube channel for more OSINT goodness.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quFiEj_HmBg

FUNINT: Autocorrect

We've all been there...

Dear autocorrect. When I type OSINT, I am not trying to type paint. Thanks

Have a good week and have a good search!

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