Week in OSINT #2021-08

Week 8 of 2021 has some nice links for social media, Geoint, OSINT for good and even threat intelligence.

While writing this episode I realised that I'm already closing up to the third year of Week in OSINT. When I started this 'little' hobby project in May 2018 I didn't think it would take off at all, but here I am. I love the fact that every week there's something that I'm learning myself, and that so many people read this news letter, send in resources and comment on it. So thanks to all the people out there sharing information, I bring you this week's overview:

  • LinkedIn by Email
  • Google Earth Hotkeys
  • Tips on TraceLabs CTF
  • V3nari Start.me Page
  • Peakvisor
  • CrowdStrike Adversaries

Site: LinkedIn by Email

Epieos has created another online tool that might make your life easier. This time they've created a script that will query LinkedIn to find profiles that can be found via the email discovery. It is possible to do it manually in LinkedIn of course, but if you want a quick tool, don't have a sock account on there and don't mind your search query ending up in a third party server log then do check this one out.

Link: https://tools.epieos.com/linkedin.php

Tip: Google Earth Hotkeys

GoogleEarthAdventures has been playing around with the flight simulator in Google Earth recently, and he shared a link to a website that hosts lots of keyboard shortcuts. And even though I don't really have the use for the flight simulator myself, I did find some other lists that are absolutely useful. One list I really want to share is the Google Earth one. How many times have I been clicking the compass to get my bearing correct, without knowing there's a nifty shortcut for that!

Question: Can you find out which airport this is?
Question: Can you find out which airport this is?

Google Earth: http://allhotkeys.com/google-maps.html

Flight Sim: http://allhotkeys.com/google-earth-flight-simulator.html

Article: Tips on TraceLabs CTF

Cybersecstu has been busy on mentoring some people on their first TraceLabs CTF. He talks about the mental aspect of such CTF's, creating fake accounts well in advance and maintaining them. And while the CTF is going he has some solid tips too. With tips on communicating, flow charts, tips on pivoting and researching, he takes you through the steps that are needed to gain tangible information for law enforcement and to end up high in the rankings while doing so.

Stuart's flowchart for TraceLabs CTF's
Stuart's flowchart for TraceLabs CTF's

Link: https://link.medium.com/3xKi2S2ddeb

Links: V3nari Start.me Page

Cybersecstu is at it again! He is busy creating a new VM that can be used for CTF's or general purpose, and he started collecting loads of links, tools and extensions. This start.me page has loads of links to awesome sites, and there are probably some resources that I'm not familiar with myself. Even though this is another set of bookmarks, on top of the huge list there is already, more sources are always welcome!

V3nari bookmarks by Stu
V3nari bookmarks by Stu

Link: https://start.me/p/1kxyw9/v3nari-bookmarks

Site: Peakvisor

Jenna Dolecek wrote an article on LinkedIn about a really cool website called PeakVisor. It looks very similar to PeakFinder, but the presentation, rendering and information on the mountain peaks that are already in there, are stunning. Well worth a look!

Question: Can you find out where I'm standing here?
Question: Can you find out where I'm standing here?

Link: https://peakvisor.com/

Site: CrowdStrike Adversaries

CrowdStrike have launched their 'Adversary Universe'. This platform will give you some insight in current adversaries out there, what they target, their technical skills and main target nations. CrowdStrike has an awesome track record in researching such groups, and I'm stoked to see they've created a place where all the basic information is gathered.

The 'Adversary Universe', by CrowdStrike
The 'Adversary Universe', by CrowdStrike

Blog: https://www.crowdstrike.com/blog/explore-the-adversary-universe

Link: https://adversary.crowdstrike.com

FUNINT: Deep Disturbing AI

Thanks to Fiete Stegers, I found an awesome thread of AI generated animations of photos by Fake History Hunter. Well, these are not your typical photos though! Enjoy the ride...

Link: https://twitter.com/fakehistoryhunt/status/1365851229021208576

Have a good week and have a good search!

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