This is an overview of my favourite podcasts out there in the world of security, investigations and OSINT.

I love podcasts, and for years they have replaced listening to music for me. During commuting I usually listen to an episode of one of the podcasts featured in here, or even when I do some chores around the house. So in this post I wanted to share some of my favourite ones in the world of security, investigations and OSINT. I picked a handful of my favourite ones for here. Some are known already, but in case you are new to the world of OSINT of cybersecurity, then I hope you've found a few interesting things to listen to.

All the links I shared here were created with 'pod.link', that provides links to all different platforms it's available. In random order, here are my favourite podcasts. Enjoy!

Topic: Security

Darknet Diaries

This podcast by Jack Rhysider dives into the shady underbelly of the internet. He interviews hackers and security researchers, but also shares the background of some famous security incidents from all over the world. Awesome stories, and probably known to most of the readers here that are interested in security.

Link: Darknet Diaries


This podcast by Jordan Bloemen and Scott Francis Winders, is excellent for people that are not so well known in all the technical terms. Because they don't only talk about interesting stories from the world of security, they explain a lot of technical details in easy to understand language.

Link: Hacked

Phishy Business

This is a fairly new podcast by Brian Pinnock and Alice Jeffrey, and every episode they have a guest to talk about a specific topic. I discovered it because of the interesting episode with Maria Genova, and another one with Jenny Radcliff. Give this podcast a go, if you want to hear interesting stories, told by interesting people.

Link: Phishy Business

Malicious Live

This podcast by Ran Levi talks about all kinds of security related topics. From the background stories on hacks and incidents, or ethical questions like facial recognition, to easy to understand explanations on technical details.

Link: Malicious Life

Recorded Future - Insight Security Intelligence

Recorded Future is not only a cybersecurity company, they also have some good articles and produce a good quality podcast. On a weekly basis there's an eposide of about 20 to 25 minutes long, talking about a single subject with a guest. They are slightly technical, but can easily be followed by people just starting in the business.

Link: Recorded Future

Topic: Investigations & OSINT


Warning! This podcast talks about sensitive topics, and may not be suitable for everyone. The show already produced more than 200 episodes, talking about murders, disappearances, unsolved mysteries and other serious crimes. A well produced podcast, with solid research on cases from over hundred years ago, to cases that hit the news more recent.

Link: Casefile

The World of Intelligence

This podcast by Janes, the world leader when it comes to open source intelligence, insights, reports and analysis in the following areas: Threats, equipment, defence industries and countries. And in the podcast they talk with their guests about these topics.

Link: The World of Intelligence

The Privacy, Security & OSINT Show

Michael Bazzell started in 2016 with this podcast, and already has well over 200 episodes. On a weekly basis he talks about how to keep your personal information safe, new OSINT techniques, or give details on operational security.

Link: The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs

This fairly new podcast is produced by Trace Labs, a Canadian based non-profit that focusses on crowd sourced investigations into missing people. From specific topics and techniques on certain platforms, to guests that provide insight in areas of expertise. So far there are 11 episodes, but I hope there are more to come.

Link: Breadcrumbs by Trace Labs

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