Week in OSINT #2024-03

Welcome to the first episode of Week in OSINT of 2024! Here are some interesting articles, tutorials and tips for you!

It has been a while since the last episode of Week in OSINT, but after being ill during the holidays, I chose to spend some time on things that are way more important than this weekly blog! But now it was about time again I published a new episode, and here it is! I have been going over interesting articles and media from the last few weeks, and there was quite a lot. So here is a small snippet of interesting things I found during my searches:

  • MetaOSINT
  • OSINT Mind State
  • NeedleStack with Craig
  • Ocean OSINT
  • Free OSINT Course and Resources
  • Google Business Info

Site: MetaOSINT

Earlier this month TropChaud [ ] posted a blog post about links that were added to MetaOSINT. In the blog post the type of links, and platforms targeted, are listed and analysed. Some very interesting results can be seen, like the huge amount of additions on the topic of geopolitics. With the current turmoil in the world, that is of no surprise of course. This was a fascinating read, and great to see that MetaOSINT is still expanding!

Growth of resources in 2022 and 2023
Growth of resources in 2022 and 2023

Link: https://metaosint.github.io/...

Media: OSINT Mind State

Nico 'Dutch OSINT Guy' Dekens [ ] gave a talk at LeHack 2023, and in December his talk was published on YouTube. His talks about the mindset of OSINT, probably contain the most important lessons you can learn: Your brain is the most important and only tool you really need, and as people that know me personally, I am a true believer of that. Because I need to understand how information was found, so I can document it, and it can be Independently verified. In this talk, he goes over all the important things that are part of doing research, from the intake all the way to collecting and analysis.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCpJ9fFF84g

Media: NeedleStack with Craig

Craig Silverman [ ] is a reporter at ProPublica [ ], and he was a guest at the Authentic8 podcast NeedleStack. He talks about his work as an investigative journalist, talks about how hs started out, shares some tails from the trenches, but also talks about the dangers of AI in the context of disinformation. An interesting interview, with an equally interesting person!

Link: https://pod.link/1600516532/...

Article: Ocean OSINT

Rae Baker [ ] published an article earlier this month on different threats that can occur in our oceans. Whether it is illegal fishing, dumping of waste, ship breaking or any other action that can cause problems to the environment, Rae has the different techniques covered that can help investigate it. This blog post is a treasure trove of resources, and contains a lot of links, no matter what type of investigation you do.

Interactive fishing map
Interactive fishing map

Link: https://www.raebaker.net/blog/...

Media: Free OSINT Course and Resources

Micah Hofmann [ ] and Griffin Glynn [ ] appeared on another video of David Bombal [ ], where they once again talked about OSINT. From April 2022 on, when members of OSINTCurious appeared at his channel for the first time, he keeps featuring some awesome people to talk about all kinds of aspects of OSINT. This time, Micah and Griffin talk about MyOSINT Training, and

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izR7BMVJEh0

Tip: Google Business Info

Earlier this month, Pangar-Ban [ ] posted a tip over on X about Google Businesses. He found out it is possible to retrieve the first two letters of an email address that is connected to a Google Business page. The steps are easy to follow too:

  1. Find a business on Google Maps
  2. Click the business in question and click on it
  3. Copy the URL and go to PlePer CID converter
  4. Paste the full URL and copy the decimal CID
  5. Add it to the following URL


Finding email info in Google Businesses
Finding email info in Google Businesses

In the highlighted area, it seems there are two options that can be shown:

  1. Two characters, followed by ...@....
  2. Two characters, followed by [email protected]

Google seems to give you the first two characters, but also whether it is a Gmail address, or whether it is a different domain. It isn't a lot, but maybe it gives you a small hint you may have missed something out there. Thanks for sharing!

Link: https://pleper.com/index.php?do=tools&sdo=cid_converter

FUNINT: This Week's Meme

Has this happened to you? I mean, asking someone this question?

Have a good week and have a good search!

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