Week in OSINT #2023-48

In this episode of Week in OSINT, I have some nice tutorials, an advent calendar, links and the weekly meme!

Another Monday, another episode of Week in OSINT is here! Some really nice topics to cover, and of course I will try to keep the new tradition of featuring a weekly meme in my episodes!

  • Find Image Source
  • Measuring Tools
  • OSINT Advent Calendar
  • Hatless' Links
  • Craig's Newsletter

Media: Find Image Source

This week I start off with two videos by Benjamin Strick [ ]. In this first video in his "OSINT at Home" series, he talks about how he uses Google Lens to find the exact image source. Google Lens has been less accurate than the old image search, but the option to find the image source, is a great step in the right direction! One little comment on the dates that Google mentions: These are the dates that Google has indexed them, not the dates they are uploaded to the webserver. This can be verified by looking at the headers and check out the 'Last-Modified response header', to see when the image was modified, which also includes uploading of the image.

Benjamin Strick finding image sources with Google Lens

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxWSeHfZccc

Media: Measuring Tools

End of last month, Benjamin Strick [ ] uploaded another video where he talks about how to measure lengths and areas within satellite images. He first talks about the ruler in Google Earth Pro, to measure distances and areas. After that he talks about the EO Browser within Sentinel Hub, that also has a measuring tool available. Another great video from him, so do make sure to follow him and keep your eye out for new videos!

Measurements in Google Earth and Sentinel Hub

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNaxFxcE3H8

Training: OSINT Advent Calendar

Sofia Santos [ ] shared an online advent calendar, with OSINT challenges! At the time of publishing, we are 4 days into December, but feel free to quickly go back and solve the first few days too! It seems that every day at 7AM, a new door opens up that contains a question that demands some online sleuthing to be done. Wonderful idea by Céline Girardeau, and created with the help of Rémy Guyonneau and Alain Godon [ ].

Day 4 will be open when this episode is live!
Day 4 will be open when this episode is live!

Link: https://www.osint4fun.eu

Links: Hatless' Links

Griffin [ ] has been rather busy lately, because he went over his Startme page and updated its contents. I will surely be going over all his sources, especially since there are some blogs, sites and tool collection I didn't know about or forgot to check recently. Thank you for collecting all this, and sharing it with the community!

Proud to be featured on the top row!
Proud to be featured on the top row!

Link: https://start.me/p/DPYPMz/the-ultimate-osint-collection

Tip: Predictasearch

I will be ending this week's episode with a tip: Check out the "Digital Investigations" newsletter created by Graig Silverman [ ]. He covers some great tips, articles and sites. For instance, check out the web-based tool Predictasearch, that enables you to find profiles on websites by entering a phone number or email address. The tool is built by PredictaLab [], the company of Robert Baptiste [ ]. I only ran some basic free tests, but there is also a paid version that will give you even more information. Do check out the free version though!

Searching user profiles via email or phone number
Searching user profiles via email or phone number

Link: https://predictasearch.com

Newsletter: https://digitalinvestigations.substack.com

FUNINT: This Week's Meme

I don't think I need this needs any comment...

Have a good week and have a good search!

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