Week in OSINT #2023-46

A very short update, after being away for some weeks! This week, with some 'highlights'...

Okay, excuse the pun, those highlights can be found in the first section of this week's episode. A really handy little tool that will absolutely help you on your adventures out there. Talking about adventures, Ritu Gill is on an adventure too, and something nice is coming up soon! Sorry for the short update, but it has been rather crazy lately, so I have to keep this one short:

  • Highlight This
  • Scraping SSL
  • Forensic OSINT

Tool: Highlight This

OSINT_Research shared a nice tip on an extension he uses, called "Highlight This!". I downloaded it, and activated the free version right after I tested it out. It gives you the option to add up to 200 words for free, that will be highlighted while you are browsing the internet. It will help you immensely to focus on keywords that are important to you or your investigations. An awesome tool to have and to use, thank you for sharing!

Highlighting OSINT-y things
Highlighting OSINT-y things

Link: https://highlightthis.net

Link: Chrome extension

Link: Firefox add-on

Tip: Scraping SSL

Justin Seitz wrote an article on how to scrape SSL certificate information using Google Sheets. This is an easy, low-budget option to quickly dump a list of domains and certificate information into a Google sheet. The "import" function is handy for other things too, as long as the page that is shown contains a table with information, it can be "imported" directly. Another extra tip: Wildcards can be used too, over on crt.sh. It does throw errors if you want to be too creative, for instance, when the amount of results will be too high. But here is the result of the query:


Where I query for osint% and I exclude all expired certificates!

Importing tables into Google Sheet!
Importing tables into Google Sheet!

Link: https://www.bullshithunting.com/p/off-the-cuff-freak-in-the-google

Tool: Forensic OSINT

This week a new extension called Forensic OSINT will be launched, and I had a quick little preview of it. It is a browser extension, that enables you to capture pages, download the source code, scrolling screenshots, and quite a bit extra!

Guided tips with Forensic OSINT
Guided tips with Forensic OSINT

Because for a selection of websites, there are loads of tips available. It tells you where to look for information, how to search, gives tips on operational security and more. So it isn't only a tool that capture screens, or the source code. This goes beyond simply capturing, since it helps you along during your investigations. Thanks for giving me the heads-up Ritu!

Link: https://www.forensicosint.com

FUNINT: This Week's Meme

There is always that one person... You know who you are!

Have a good week and have a good search!

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