Week in OSINT #2023-13

Another Monday, another episode of Week in OSINT, with: Privacy, Google vision, Android & Windows, a charity and some links!

I was wondering whether I would manage to send out an episode today, but I just had to look a little further than usual. I can always tag the same people that send out a constant stream of links, tips and tools, but I am always trying to look for something else. Something new, different, or not covered a lot yet. I hope I managed to at least partially do that again today, with the following topics:

  • Firefox Profiles
  • GVision
  • CQCore's Links
  • Connecting Android to Win11
  • Cold Case Charity

Site: Firefox Profiles

Over on Discord swagalicious shared a link to the website 'ffprofiles'. This website provides an interactive wizard, that takes you along some privacy and security settings within Firefox. After making all your choices, it generates files with the selected settings for you. Simply save these files in the correct locations, and you are done! I am absolutely going to play with this for a new VM I want to build for myself!

Saving, installing, and previewing a locked down profile
Saving, installing, and previewing a locked down profile

Link: https://ffprofile.com

Tool: GVision

Gonzo created a new tool to play with, called 'GVision'. It uses the Google Cloud Vision API to analyse an image, and its content. It can detect objects, faces, text and a lot more. With GVision you can run your own Google 'reverse image' tool, but not only that, it will give you lots of insight in the tags, keywords and locations that Google might add to the image.

GVision at work - Courtesy of Gonzo
GVision at work - Courtesy of Gonzo

Link: https://github.com/GONZOsint/gvision

Links: CQCore's Links

Ginger T, also known as 'cqcore', decided to share all his useful links over on GitHub. He has started saving them all in different repositories, and some might still need to be filled. But if you are looking for his most favourite links, then do head over there and see whether he has some new resources that you didn't know about yet.

Links filling up Ginger T's GitHub
Links filling up Ginger T's GitHub

Link: https://github.com/cqcore

Article: Connecting Android to Win11

The same Ginger T as above, shared a link to an article over at ZDNet. In it, there's a lengthy explanation about how to connect an Android phone to Windows 11. Sadly enough I didn't have enough time to download a Win11 image, and to make some nifty screenshots after following the tutorial. Talking about Windows, something else I am curious about is the Windows Subsytem for Android. This enables Windows users to run Android apps on their desktop. Not sure whether it might be able to create a full OSINT workstation with both desktop and mobile apps, but it might be worth testing that idea.

Image © Ian Panelo - Pexels
Image © Ian Panelo - Pexels

Link: https://www.zdnet.com/article/...

News: Cold Case Charity

Locate International is a charity based in the UK, that works on cold cases of missing or unidentified people. They do not only focus on the UK, but also run an 'International Cold Case Analysis Project'. They not only work cases, but they also train new volunteers in different areas of expertise, and try to come up with new and innovative ideas to use during these investigations. Check out their website, look at the volunteer vacancies, and help out wherever you can.

Locate International, looking for people, and you!
Locate International, looking for people, and you!

Link: https://locate.international

Podcast: https://pod.link/1541313692

Have a good week and have a good search!

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