Week in OSINT #2023-10

Another nicely filled Week in OSINT, with analytics, news, tips, tricks and a special voucher!

Hello and welcome to another overview of last week's world of OSINT. I have a nicely filled episode today, with some really cool topics, starting with an amazing tool that can give a lot of insight into chats. I am sad I didn't have the time yet to play with this, but this is absolutely on my to-do list:

  • Chatanalytics
  • Flightaware in Maltego
  • Europol News Portal
  • Nixintel on OSINT
  • Chrome Developer Tools
  • Kase Scenarios

Tool: Chatanalytics

Over in the former TOCP Discord, but now rebranded 'Kase Discord', the user Spy shared an awesome tool that I am dying to check out soon. The tool, which runs completely in the browser, can generate great looking timelines, statistics, graphs and language analysis. It can do this from Discord, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram exports, with hopefully more platforms to follow. I haven't had the time yet to test it, but looking at the demo alone, this is a must-have tool for people working with any of those platforms. Thanks for sharing, and thank you, Martín Lombardo, for the more than awesome tool you built!

Message analytics of a Discord server
Message analytics of a Discord server

GitHub: https://github.com/mlomb/chat-analytics

Site: https://chatanalytics.app/

Demo: https://chatanalytics.app/demo

Tool: Flightaware in Maltego

Via the tweet of Maltego from last week, I found out that they feature a transform for FlightAware. This enables you to directly query the FlightAware database, and retrieve flight information, ownership of planes, and more. Another handy transform, that might come in handy. Especially when combined with other transforms, like OpenCorporates, to dive into the owners' details.

Looking for flight info with Maltego
Looking for flight info with Maltego

Blog: https://www.maltego.com/blog/...

News: Europol News Portal

Another link that was shared on Discord, this time by the user RPRFL. It is a website I have visited before, and I was convinces that I shared it before, but no! So, hereby I present the huge news aggregator by Europol, with a large range of topics and locations. From terrorism to cybercrime, from Australia to Alaska, it can all be found on here.

Europol's news aggregator with different topics
Europol's news aggregator with different topics

Link: https://europol.emm4u.eu/Europol/...

Tip: Nixintel on OSINT

On March 1, a research article was published about the so-called 'incoherent term OSINT'. It dives into all the things that are wrong with it, but Steven Harris takes his time to talk about open source investigation, and the intelligence gathered from it. And shows a different side to the story, pointing out the wide area of expertise, the growth of OSINT over the last years, and how it has changed the information position on ongoing conflicts. This Twitter thread is well worth a read.

Steven's take on 'There's no such thing as OSINT'
Steven's take on 'There's no such thing as OSINT'

To quote Steven here:

There is a need to exploit open sources in a way thatis faster and further than ever before. There is an opportunity cost for not moving fast enough.

Twitter thread: Part 1 and Part2

Tutorial: Chrome Developer Tools

Jake Creps shared an article by Section.io that was published back in 2017, and talks about the 'Network tab' in the 'Developer Toolbar'. Every browser has a developer toolbar, and most operate pretty much the same way. It can show you the source code of a rendered page, network traffic of the browser, resources of the loaded page and a lot more. I always love to dive into it, because it can show a wealth of information at times. I also included other links below, like articles about the different sections of the developer toolbar, and a 10-minute tip by OSINT Curious.

Looking at interesting Twitter API calls
Looking at interesting Twitter API calls

Network tab: Section.io

Sections: Codementor.io

10+ Trick: Torquemag.io

TOCP 10-minute-tip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9bMGKET8xg

FUNINT: Kase Scenarios

I have been very fortunate to join the beta test of 'Dark Waters' by Kase Scenarios, that will go live on March 15. It is a scenario-based OSINT challenge, where you play an investigative journalist. It contains beautiful images, videos and interesting challenges. While following the story, you need to dive into social media, look at hidden messages and a lot more. And I've got something special for you! If you are thinking about buying this scenario, and would like to save 20% off the price, then do some 'digital digging' in this episode, and earn yourself a discount code. Make sure to be fast, because the code expires on the 15th!

This voucher is no longer active

Ready to play? Find the code for 20% off!
Ready to play? Find the code for 20% off!

Link: https://kasescenarios.com/

Have a good week and have a good search!

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