Week in OSINT #2020-15

One day later, but still your weekly update with interesting links about open source investigation.

Yesterday was Easter Monday and the regular Week in OSINT was slightly different! Several weeks ago I added something extra in one of the episodes, to give some inquisitive people a chance to puzzle a bit. In that same episode there is a “real” Easter Egg too. But I doubt many will ever be able to find that one. But enough chit-chat, I have work to do and you are all waiting for the topics of this week:

  • Stop Sharing
  • Terrapattern
  • LinkedIn Search
  • Reverse Image Searches
  • ShareX

Article: Stop Sharing

Dutch Osint Guy Nico, formerly known as Dutch_OSINTguy, formerly known as Nico for friends and family, wrote a blog on his Medium. It’s about how people share all kinds of information and he actually invites people to share the blog to anyone that needs some basic OpSec tips. He noticed since the beginning of the Corona crisis, people are not just working at home, but also sharing way too much information. Whether it’s photos of the work environment, or Zoom invite links, he has seen it all. So repeat his message: “Start caring, stop sharing!” Well, except for his blog post of course!

Be aware, also online!
Be aware, also online!

Link: https://medium.com/@Dutchosintguy/start-caring-stop-sharing-9c108d957b2c

Site: Terrapattern

Terrapattern is a new visual search tool that uses machine learning to find similar patterns or shapes within satellite imagery. By selecting an area of interest it searches for matching patterns, shapes or features with striking results. The demo didn't seem to work for me, but since it's still in an early test phase, that can be expected.

Example of matching boat wakes in New York City
Example of matching boat wakes in New York City

Link: http://www.terrapattern.com/

Tutorial: LinkedIn Search

Laura shared a tutorial last week that shows how you can still search for LinkedIn profiles via email addresses. Not too long ago one of the most useful shortcuts to do that was killed off by LinkedIn, but as one can expect, there is always someone who creates a write-up on how to get the same results via a different technique.

From a contact to a LinkedIn profile!
From a contact to a LinkedIn profile!

Link: https://www.intelligencewithsteve.com/post/a-guide-to-searching-linkedin-by-email-address

Tutorial: Reverse Image Searches

MwOsint created a 10 Minute Tip on the OsintCurious platform, and made a blog post, all about the basics of reverse image searching. He goes over Google, Bing, Yandex and some other sites. I am waiting for part 2, because I know some people would love to know what nifty tools are out there too! #hint

Link: https://osintcurio.us/2020/04/12/tips-and-tricks-on-reverse-image-searches/

Tool: ShareX

Last week I saw some people asking about screenshot software, and even though it’s Windows only, I just had to mention ShareX. This piece of software is my absolute go-to when it comes to creating, editing, censoring or sharing screen captures. It has its own editor, you can blur or pixelate during capture, annotations or highlighting, it creates videos or moving GIF’s, anything you want. And besides that, it calculates hashes, converts text, creates or decodes QR-codes, on board OCR and even a tool to create video thumbnails! And the best of all? It is completely free!

The most important possibilities of ShareX in one screen. But not all yet!
The most important possibilities of ShareX in one screen. But not all yet!

Link: https://getsharex.com/

| Netflix: Dark Net

The documentary series "Dark Net" by Showtime isn't really about OSINT, but is interesting nonetheless. The stories brought in each episode deal with how people use the internet to communicate. From privacy to facial recognition, and from internet sleuths to cam girls. Take some time to study the weird, illegal, innovative and sometimes funny sides on the internet.

Link: https://www.netflix.com/title/80182553

| Study for Free: Autopsy

In case you are working in the digital space of OSINT, why not take the time to learn some different skills. In digital forensics the tool Autopsy and the Sleuthkit are well known for 20 years already. And if you like to dive into the digital aspects of evidence too, then I do recommend this 8 hour free course, with CPE points included.

Link: https://www.autopsy.com/support/training/covid-19-free-autopsy-training/

Have a good day and have a good search!

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